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Peer Support Volunteer Portal

This page is a portal to the fully-funded MHFA training being provided by The NSW Ministry of Health for peer volunteers at NSW music festivals in collaboration with peer-based harm reduction organisations - DanceWize NSW, Red Frogs, ACON Rovers and Fuzzy. 

We will keep this page updated with important information, past communications and other information to assist Peer Support Volunteers to access information and support to access a Youth or Standard MHFA Course with Safer Communities.

We welcome your feedback about our programs and processes - if anything is going wrong during your registration or training experience then reach out to us here

News and Links

You will find a range of helpful resources - if you can't find what you need feel free to Contact Us 

Book your Fully Funded Place

How to book funded MHFA training


Once you have decided on the MHFA course that you wish to undertake, and the modality - you can visit our course calendar page to book in a funded place. For detailed instructions on how to book a course with us click here.


Booking Steps

  1. Visit Safer Communities Calendar Page and click on the Book Now Button for your selected eligible MHFA course (Youth MHFA, Standard MHFA or the blended / online versions of these courses)

  2. Click on the Get Tickets Button - if there are more than one set of dates available you will be prompted to select the dates you wish to book. 

  3. At the next screen enter the following Access Code: MFV - the Music Festival Volunteer funded ticket will appear in the ticket selection list. 

  4. Select the funded ticket and complete registration steps. 


Please make sure your email address matches the email you are registered with your volunteer organisation. This is how we make sure you are eligible for this program.

Group Bookings

If you have a group of eligible volunteers that would like to attend MHFA Training together then please email with the details. If your group is 10 or more for Online or 18 or more for Face to Face, we can arrange a closed group delivery at a time and location (within NSW) that suits your group!

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