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Mental Health Education Programs Canberra

Reasons Why Mental Health Education Programs Are Important in Schools

Mental Illness is prevalent among Australians of all ages. The impacts of mental health problems are significant on individuals, limiting their opportunity to participate in everyday activities. For adolescents this is particularly damaging to self-esteem, learning and social development. This situation creates the need for all Australians to learn the skills to support a family member, friend or workmate experiencing a mental health problem or crisis. There is significant stigma surrounding mental illness, Mental Health First Aid has been developed to address this issue and build the Mental Health Literacy of participants.

Half of all Australians who experience a mental illness have their first episode before turning 18 years old. It is critical that all school staff have relevant and evidence-based mental health education as part of their ongoing professional learning. Educators’ everywhere feel under-prepared to support the complex needs of students in their care. Safer Communities understands the unique needs of school communities and delivers Mental Health First Aid and other mental health education programs that are contextualised to schools and youth settings. Booking training with Safer Communities can improve the Mental Health Literacy of staff and community members. This will in turn support young people experiencing depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm or suicidal thoughts. The skills you will learn at a Mental Health First Aid course can save a life in a mental health crisis.

It creates mental health awareness

Safer Communities has designed an extensive range of mental health education programs Canberra and we are industry leaders in the delivery of Mental Health First Aid Training in NSW. These programs have helped participants to confidently talk to children and adolescents about their mental health. Consequently, the programs also educate participants about the various causes of mental health problems and how to support people who are experiencing poor mental health. 


It prevents stigmatisation

A major barrier to help seeking and help giving is the stigma associated with mental illness in our society. When people feel judged negatively about experiencing the symptoms of a mental illness, they are less likely to seek or request support from professionals or people in their social networks. Stigma can create reluctance in caregivers to reach out to a person in distress. Busting stigma is a very effective way to create a safer school or workplace. Research has demonstrated that after completing a Mental Health First Aid course, participants have reduced stigmatising attitudes and beliefs about mental health problems.

Safer Communities is passionate about building awareness of the stigmas around mental illness in our community. Join our mental health education programs Canberra to begin learning how to help.

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