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Mental health courses in Melbourne

Tips For Selecting The Best Mental Health Courses in Melbourne

There are a diverse range of MHFA training options and modalities - it is good to consider what is the best course for your needs. 

Safer Communities offers MHFA programs to suit adults working with other adults, young people or older Australians. There is a MHFA program for Indigenous communities and a very exciting teen MHFA program for adolescents to learn the skills to help a peer. There are a range of speciality mental health courses in Melbourne that focus on particular issues such as Suicide Discussions, Self-Injury or Gambling. Each different course is described in more details at the MHFA Training Tab

If a MHFA Course does not fit your organisation's specific needs, then you might be interested in Bespoke Mental Health Education with us. We can design programs that meet the needs of any workplace or community.

Finding the Right Instructor

Consider the background and experience of your MHFA Instructor – Safer Communities founder Mark Smith is a highly experienced educational leader and has been successfully delivering MHFA programs for over 12 years. Mark has participated in research around inclusive practices and holds a Masters Degree in Inclusive Education. Mark is entrusted by MHFA Australia to deliver MHFA Instructor Training (Train the trainer) and this is a sign of his commitment and regard in the industry. Safer Communities has a range of partner instructors who are all highly skilled. Safer Communities only works with the best MHFA instructors

Online or Face to Face

Safer Communities delivers face to face training in most major Australian cities and is available to travel to any location in Australia to deliver in-house face to face training for your workplace or community. Some people may prefer the flexibility and increased access that online training modes offer. Most of our training programs are offered in both face to face and online modes.

Course Duration

Our MHFA courses run from 4 – 14 Hours in duration, depending on the course content. Safer Communities can deliver bespoke training programs from 1 hour through to multi-day events. If you’re seeking Mental Health First Aid in QLD, or anywhere else in Australia, you can always rely on our experienced team of trainers.

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