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Mental Health Education

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Let's work together to create and deliver a highly engaging professional learning program to meet the aspirations of your school, organisation or community. 

Mark Smith has worked extensively in schools and community sector organisations. Mark will consult with you to design and deliver a program tailored to your context, professional learning goals and budget.

Mark can deliver sessions from 1 hour through to multi-day events

Some commonly requested topics and workshops include:

  • Adolescent Development - Knowledge and empathy building activity for teachers and youth workers

  • Anxiety in Adolescents - how to identify and support a student experiencing anxiety problems in a high school or community organisation

  • Depression in Adolescents - how to identify and support a student experiencing low mood in a high school or community organisation

  • Communicating with distressed adolescents

  • Self Injury - Understanding the myths and effective support from school, community, family

  • Eating Disorders - The dangers, what to notice early, protective strategies and support

  • Psychosis in Young People - Myth busting, practical and effective strategies to support an adolescent

  • Staff Wellbeing - Attach your oxygen mask before assisting others!

  • Open Q and A - Youth and Mental Illness


Any topic you wish relating to youth or adult mental health, inclusion, accommodations or educational / behavioural support.


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"Excellent content in a well structured format that was easy to follow. Statistics were frightening but the underlying optimism in the treatment of mental health was a relief"