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New Access Scheme and AEIOU of a good life!

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

This week I was delighted to meet with Jack de Thierry - Service Integration Officer with Bolton Clarke who are delivering a wonderful free program available to people on the Nth Coast of NSW and selected other regions of NSW, ACT and Queensland. I met Jack a little while back at a MHFA instructor training course, and was happy to hear such a brilliant operator is working across the North Coast Region of NSW in the mental health space.

Any resident over the age of 16 can request to access the program by calling 1800 010 630. The program is offering 6 free CBT based coaching sessions for people experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of a common mental illness (Depression or Anxiety). This would be about 1 in 5 people in Australia across our lifetime.

In our conversation Jack discussed how he has witnessed the positive impact this program has had for participants and coaches alike. This is a space between more formal medical models of care for people reluctant to access a medical professional. The program can compliment medical supports.

It occurs to me that this program could reach more people with greater awareness. Jack can be contacted on Mobile 0448 253 862 email: to discuss the program across the Nth Coast of NSW. Jack would be delighted to connect with any interested organisations to advocate and inform about New Access Scheme.

Jack reminded me of a very cool acronym for living a good life his grandmother taught him.

A - Attitude

E - Ego

I - Integrity

O - Openness

U - Understanding

If you reach out to Jack you'll see he lives and breathes positiveness around each of these human qualities. A great advocate.


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